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March 26, 2019
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Tips To Protect Yourself From Smartphone Security Threats

Are you using an encrypted cell phone? If not it is important that you consider using one. Today smartphone users are made victims of various security hazards. If you are not cautious you could easily be subjecting yourself to serious security risks. Here are few tips to protect yourself from the most common security risks.

To start with you should understand how hackers steal data from you. It is not necessary for the hackers to gain access to your device or have physical possession of your smartphone. When you send out data in the form of an email or chat conversation, it leaves your mobile phone and it moves through number of servers leaving trails online. Hackers try to follow these trails and collect bits and pieces of data to reconstruct the information you sent across. If you use encryption software even if the communications are intercepted by the hackers they will not be able to extract anything meaningful or useful. Encrypt phone first if you want to improve your smartphone security. This is one of the most basic and the most important steps that you need to take to protect yourself against all forms of security threats.

Further to that, you should also remember to stay away from all kinds of risky platforms that are notorious to spread virus, spyware and Trojans. Always follow the online safety best practices. Do not engage in any shopping activity when you are in public Wi-Fi networks.

If you are sending out emails check whether your entire email is encrypted and not just the email message. The header should also be protected and encrypted. Sky Ecc is a reliable encryption software application that offers end to end encryption solution.

When selecting your encryption service you might want to cross check whether your service provider lets you set your own private keys. Most of the service providers out there do not support this feature. They rather set the pass codes for their users and upload it in their devices. Your service provider of course will have access to the access codes which if they wish can sell to third parties. At times, such things do happen. If you want to stay protected against such threats, you will need to use Sky ECC. Your security company will not have access to the private keys and you can set them at your end. This gives you better control over your own security.

When sending out confidential chat messages try to set time limit for the chat messages to be active and accessible. After the stipulated time, the messages you sent across should delete itself from all the locations. If you can follow all the above safety measures your smartphone communications will be very secure. There will be no need to worry about any security threats whatsoever. SkyECC will give you the kind of protection that you need in the most cost effective way. Sign up for the most robust smartphone security tool available today.

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