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March 26, 2019
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Selenium Automation Testing – Know Why It Is Prominent

Do you know about Selenium?  Where is it used? Selenium refers to an automation testing tool. Remember that testing any software application on the desktop or on any mobile application is not possible using selenium. However, there are software testing several tools and mobile application such as Appium, IBM’s RFT, and lots more.

How selenium automation testing gained prominence

Software testing boils down to the technology and it is dominated completely by machines. However, their behavior is in the control of the software. The applications of the software offer the success rate that controls the growth of business. Selenium automation testing may be suitable for web applications as today most business rely on the internet.

For instance, consider Flipkar, E-Bay or Amazon, they depend on the customer traffic to their website and their web based mobile apps to get business. If something happens catastrophically like the number of products prices being capped at 10$ off, and this may be due to a small bug in the part of the code that is not readable easily. Now how to prevent it next time is the point and this is possible by deploying the right code for testing such that it takes us to manual testing topic.

Manual Testing Challenges

Manual testing refers to the web applications being manually tested by QA testers. Tests must be performed in every environment manually, using a unique set of data and the failure or success rate of each transaction should be recorded. The challenges facing cause boredom, manual work errors and mistakes, and work delay. This leads to automation testing need.

How Automation Testing is better

Automation testing is certainly better to manual testing and this is reason it beats manual testing easily. This is because the automation testing is faster, it is not prone to make mistakes, supports the execution of lights out, needs very less human resource investment, frequent execution is possible, functional testing, and supports regression testing.

For instance, if there is a login page to verify and the login attempts are verified to know the success of login attempts, it is easy to write a code to validate the login attempts success or not. These tests may be configured in different web browsers and environments. You may automate the generation so that by scheduling it for a day at a particular time, automating the reports generation is possible based on the results.

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