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January 17, 2019
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Security Camera Features You Shouldn’t Miss

Nowadays, due to increasing threats, quite a large number of security cameras have been launched. But the choice you make for a security camera must be a careful one. Due to the growing technology, day by day, multiple features have been added to the security cameras.

Features assist you to enhance your security level to a larger extent. The choice of a security camera depends a lot on your required features. For instance, a wide room requires a tilt or a rotating camera. Hence, it is important for one to make a note of the following given features whilst the purchase.

Image quality

If you take a look at the yesteryears, the picture quality of the recorded material wasn’t that focused. It can be observed to be blurry or unclear that it becomes difficult to get the information we wish to retrieve from the footage. Nowadays, the image quality has increased to such an extent that it becomes very easy to detect even the minutest detail.

Web access

This particular feature enables you to view the footage live from your phone through a simple app. It becomes very useful if you have senior citizens or toddlers at your residence as it is easier to keep an eye on them. Not just that, in case of a breach of security, this feature proves to be very useful as you get a notification of the same in your phone itself.

Pan or rotate

In cases of wide rooms or big halls, this feature becomes a requisite. Since one has to keep a watch on the entire space and not just one particular angle, the security camera should be able to pan over the entire space. To ensure the highest security possible, this is a predominant feature to keep in mind.

Movement detection

With the continuous addition of features day by day, it has become simpler to maintain the perfect security. The feature of audio and motion detection alerts you immediately when the security camera detects something amiss. This may be a glass bowl breaking, your pet barking or an unusual entrance by a stranger.

So more the features, better adept will your security camera be in maintaining your house’s security. Hence, it’s very important for one to keep in mind the inclusion of these features while making the purchase of the security camera of your choice. It is the installation of the right security features that guarantee you a better security.

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